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New Rules Proposed: Funding Portals

By: Jessica Offer, CPA, Manager – WithumSmith+Brown, PC After almost two years since FINRA’s proposed Funding Portal rules were first released amendments have arrived!  The amendments take into consideration the seven comment letters that were received back when the proposal was first issued and expressed the following concerns: Initial cost […]

Inflation, What Went Wrong?

By Anthony DiLorenzo, M.S Accountant WithumSmithBrown, PC After the crash of 2008 – 2009, the US government along with the Federal Reserve (the “Fed”) implemented massive efforts to avoid a deflationary scenario that was last seen during the great depression. In the years following the initial introduction of these policies, […]

Considering a Contribution of Assets to an Investment Company? Here’s What You Need to Know

By: Robert Traester, MST – WithumSmith+Brown, PC Transferring assets to a company or partnership that constitutes an “investment company” for tax purposes creates a unique set of complications. In certain situations you may have to recognize gain under Internal Revenue Code Section 351(e) or 721(b) when contributing appreciated assets to […]


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