Who’s Watching Me Now?

Ok, I am going to date myself a bit here.  Remember the 1984 song by Rockwell “Somebody’s Watching  Me” …?


Some of the lyrics in the song:

And I don’t feel safe anymore

Oh, what a mess

I wonder who’s watching me now




Well, the answer is maybe the IRS but now the FBI is watching AND reading.

This past week I read several articles with the same theme, the FBI is “watching you.”

On Reuters.com, an article titled “FBI sees more hedge fund trading probe informants,”  states that the “FBI has enough informants lined up to keep its investigation of suspected illegal insider trading at hedge funds going for at least five more years.”   The FBI has set up an operation known as the “PERFECT HEDGE” that has led to the prosecution of dozens of traders, executives and research consultants.




One of my favorite movies is “Wall Street” with Michael Douglas playing Gordon Gekko. Gekko, a Wall Streeter who profited from insider trading, gets set up by an informant who happened to be his protégé, Bud Fox.  Gekko went away to jail for a long time – or – until the sequel “Money Never Sleeps” was released last year.

Well, the FBI, to further the public’s awareness, has hired Micheal Douglas to record a public service message about insider trading. I wonder if he will be playing Gordon Gekko or himself?

Feeling that hedge funds are illegally marketing through social media sites (such as Twitter) the FBI will be monitoring these sites determined to clamp down on wrongdoings.   So, watch what you tweet.


Maybe I need to contact Rockwell and change the lyrics a bit:


And, I don’t feel safe anymore

You wonder why?

Who’s reading my Tweets




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