I recently had a SBIC (small business investment company) come to us to perform their audit.  They are trying to transfer the SBIC license to a newly formed entity and raise capital in a private placement. One of the documents they were required to file asked for regulatory capital.  The […]

The Next Warren Buffett

I have been traveling the past couple of weeks performing peer reviews, visiting prospective clients, and now I am at our firm’s retreat to strategize our future.  Trying to write a blog that is educational and purposeful can sometimes be a tedious time-consuming task, especially when I am trying to […]


I recently came across several articles discussing whether the SEC should get involved with the oversight of private equity (PE) funds’ valuation of their underlying investments (assets).  Under the Dodd-Frank Act, more regulatory requirements are being put forth to protect the public interest.  On the radar is the private equity […]

Estimating in Good Faith

I have been approached by several private equity funds and hedge funds to propose on performing their annual audits.  Each were audited by the “Big 4″ and looking to save some audit fees by moving toward the next tier audit firm. They all had the same concern – how are […]

No Mo’ Credit Unions

One of my partners was recently approached by an insurance company looking to switch accountants. This insurance company, whose customers are typically motorcycle owners, was seeing its revenue decline due to the recession. As the banks tightened their lending policies, motorcycle buyers were finding it harder to obtain loans. They […]