Inflation, What Went Wrong?

By Anthony DiLorenzo, M.S Accountant WithumSmithBrown, PC After the crash of 2008 – 2009, the US government along with the Federal Reserve (the “Fed”) implemented massive efforts to avoid a deflationary scenario that was last seen during the great depression. In the years following the initial introduction of these policies, […]

Considering a Contribution of Assets to an Investment Company? Here’s What You Need to Know

By: Robert Traester, MST – WithumSmith+Brown, PC Transferring assets to a company or partnership that constitutes an “investment company” for tax purposes creates a unique set of complications. In certain situations you may have to recognize gain under Internal Revenue Code Section 351(e) or 721(b) when contributing appreciated assets to […]

How Cyber Resilient Are You?

By: Joseph Fede, CPA  Supervisor – WithumSmith+Brown, PC Cybersecurity is the new hot topic in the financial services industry, especially in the wake of several high profilecyber-attacks that have taken place in the United States. These cyber-attacks have ranged from large corporations such as Home Depot and Sony, to the Federal […]