International Tax Loopholes – The Playing Field Is Not Level

 A recent Bloomberg article reported that the offshore cash hoard of U.S. multinational companies had risen by $206 billion last year as the companies continued to avoid U.S. taxation (see article here  Personally, I find it amazing that the popular press and its American readership see prudent corporate tax […]

Abandoning a Losing Investment

Please note: The law has changed since this post has been published. Please click here for more information on the updated law. While nobody invests in a fund with the intention of losing his or her investment, inevitably, it sometimes happens.  Fund investments, like any other investment, can decline substantially […]

Danger for DING Trusts Created by N.Y. State Residents

Governor Cuomo’s budget bill, released January 21, 2014, includes significant proposed tax changes including some specifically aimed at curbing the use of so called DING Trusts.  For some background on Delaware Incomplete Non-Grantor trusts see my previous blog here, The proposed changes would institute a “throwback” rule similar to […]